Why do we bury parts of our self?

What would happen if we sat in the discomfort of our own beingness?

What if our out of control internal and/or external behavior was only broken pieces inside of us begging to be heard?

How might our life look different if we started to look at our perceived negatives through the eyes of love?

What if we’re not as bad as we tell our self?

CTTEvolving, wholeness, realized, enlightenment… what does that really mean?

What if our job is to bring back home the pieces of our self we’ve broken off due to the intensity of pain, to reunite all of us back together again, and to realize why we did it? Then to understand the process of coming back home, knowing when we do our happiness will soar and we will be able to, with or without words, give the gift of healing to others.

Envision fragments of self we’ve cut off due to pain. Each piece floating all alone, trying to make it through life, without the rest of us. Only returning when a like pain hits again, only to be thrown back out into the ethers when the intensity dies down.

What if our job was to sort through every single thing we’ve been taught via our culture, society, and upbringing, and make a list of all the good and all the bad parts about our self?

Then what if we allowed a researcher full access to our list? What if our scientific researcher used certain lenses for the research project? What if those lenses were pure love?

What if our researcher systematically took each item on the list out, analyzed it, held it, looked at it, spent time with it, listened, and discovered through the process the way to integrate the broken off piece back into wholeness?

What if the researcher then gave to us the process of bringing every piece of our self back home? What if after receiving the information we realized what we were taught wasn’t the whole truth, it was only based on the understanding of the teacher at the time? What if some of our behavior we put in the bad column really wasn’t bad?

What if the process gave us the understanding that when we hurt others and or self it wasn’t because we were bad, but because we were hurt? What if we also understood the coping skills used was not the most up-to-date coping skills available? What if there really was a method to our madness and a way out? How might our life look different?

Author Sandy Powers, Life Coach since 1998

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