When we set an intention it directs our focus and our energy to manifest what we desire. A great resource we often forget we have is the ‘Pause Door’. By taking a pause before entering into what we think, or has been in the past, a tough situation there is an opportunity to change the experience.

     Open the Pause Door, breathe deep, and connect to your deepest self. When we are connected to the place inside of us that is unshakable we will walk into any situation with more peace and clarity.

The Pause Door is always there. When we walk through it we are brought back into the moment. Our mind isn’t worried about the future or the past. We are present. In the present moment we remember our intention and realize we can try something new, or respond in a different way.

Why not give ourselves a second to get back into the here and now, and not react on auto pilot? In the pause, even if it’s only a few seconds, we can make a choice to do something different, to shift our attitude, to take a risk and try something new, to say no or yes, to do the opposite of what we normally do.

You create the recipe to your life. No one else has the power to add ingredients or take ingredients away. Our responses, actions, thoughts, inactions, make up the ingredients in our recipe. When we add or take an ingredient out of the recipe we change the end product. We are the end product.

Be conscious. Be aware. Know what ingredients you put into your recipe. Then be patient. It’s hard to try a new recipe when you’ve used the same one for years. Truth is, habits are hard to break. We may not get what we want instantaneously, and in an “I-want-it-now society” that is tough, but if we keep focused on our intention we can and will raise the quality of our well-being.

Don’t let the past or worries about the future stop you from enjoying the sunset, a beautiful flower, a new puppy, or the smell of fresh baked cookies. Live life fully. It’s within your power.

  • author Sandy Powers, Life Coach   Mindful Healing Junction

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