In our younger years our view of self was determined by what others taught us and thought of us. We bought into it because we knew no better. What society deemed beautiful, worthy, and of value we believed was the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Little did we know there was a greater resource of truth inside of us. That when we start to question the validity of what others say, do, and act and begin to look within we discover a whole other way of looking at life.

Stepping away from how you were told to live life and what is right, at first, is confusing. But when we continue to dive deeper separating our belief system from others and tap into our own beliefs that make sense to us a sense of freedom is encountered.

Finding beliefs that help you live a kinder, more joyful, and peaceful life is worth the effort. Stepping away from your original worldview, which for all of us was defined by those outside of us, at times will feel disloyal, but continue the journey.

Study, ask questions, and step outside your comfort zone. Explore on your own and you will find there are many ways to living a fulfilled life. Find one or two that help you grow into a more authentic you.

When you first quit living life from the way others think you should you’ll get resistance. People will try to pull you back into their view of the world. It’s just the way it is, it’s human nature. Feelings of rejection, doubt and fear will tag team, but keep going, find your way.

Be a trailblazer. Live from your heart and not by others standards or opinions on what and how you should live.

Find a path that’s right for you, a path that brings more joy and peace, a path that radiates your loving self, a path that makes your confidence and self worth soar.

We are each a unique expression of life. It’s okay to be different, to not think the same way as what you first thought was the right way.

Deep sea dive into your heart.
Find your way.

We need your beautiful unique expression of love and compassion in this world.

-Sandy Powers, Life Coach

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