What can’t I see? What behaviors need to be looked at?

What bad habits still run amuck in my life?

When I experience someone else’s bad behavior I wonder if Life is trying to show me something about my behavior. I’m a bit shocked when I realize it is, my ego argues with me, no way, we’re not like that. No way, no how, was I like that person. After the shock, and I’m calmer, I take some deep breaths into my heart, the place where the calm wisdom self resides. I’m immediately humbled. My heart rewinds the tape of my life showing me snapshots of recent experiences and there is always one if not more examples of how I treated someone in exactly the same hurtful rude way I was treated.

I can be so self-righteous at times. Well I’m more spiritual aren’t I? I’ve healed more than they have, haven’t I? I’m not as rude, or hurtful… am I? Yes at times you are Sandy. We’ve been trying to show you that and this time finally you get it. Bravo!

We always have stuff to work on, it’s life. We are perfectly flawed human beings. And that’s okay, in fact it more than ok, it’s the way it is.

I’d much rather find, admit, and correct behavior that hurts others then never have a chance to correct my rude behaviors. I don’t want to be rude.

Now can I control how others perceive healthy boundaries? No. Can I control anything about someone else? No. But what I can do is continue deep sea diving into my own stuff and cleaning up as much as I can, that’s all any of us can do.

Life is good, even with ego pinches now and then.

  • Sandy Powers, Life Coach

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