Lean Into What Hurts

Lean into what hurts.

Find at least one person who will just listen, no fixing, no special words, just listen and care.

When we experience someone caring it creates a safe space for the light of our heart to be revealed.

What a blessing when who we are sharing our hearts with offers a caring smile, or looks at us with gentle eyes, and by their actions we know judgement is no where to be found.

This type of listening brings peace and hope, that everything will work out. We may not know how, but our heart assures us with a feeling of peace. We know, if only for a moment, it will be ok.

That is the power of kindness, of compassion, of love.

It doesn’t take any special talents, every person has the capacity to listen and to care for another human being.

We need each other to build a caring and compassionate community.

Never doubt the impact of your caring heart.

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