Pandemic Times

When the house is full my bedroom becomes my crazy office during pandemic times. Coaching calls are deep, fun, and just what the doctor ordered. 

When I’m in a session I’m no where else. I’m in the moment heart to heart with the person that’s allowed me to companion with them on their sacred journey inward. 

Inside each of us, beyond the chaos of the outer world, is the calm we seek and need to make good decisions in our life. The inner journey takes greater heightened self-observance. With greater self-awareness we can ID more quickly when caught up in an unhealthy habit that doesn’t serve us. And with that pause and awareness we are able to create and use tools and habits that serve us as we get our greatest needs met and fulfill our desire for more peace and joy.

Life is beyond hard at times., but thank goodness we are more than the feeling of the moment. The truth is…feelings come and go with the wind. The inner journey helps us to remember that. 

With heightened self-observance we start to realize the truth in that statement. Once we really get-it the storms that battle within the mind lose their potency. We are able to come back to center more quickly, back to the place of calm and peace. 

I love my work even if my office is tucked away in a room at home.💛

Working at home💛

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