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Calling on Kindness

Calling on Kindness

CALLING ALL KINDNESS! There is an unlimited fountain of kindness within our hearts. To increase the flow of this life changing, life saving, spiritual tool, use it on yourself first. The benefit is more energy. With more energy we feel more balanced and more balanced more opportunities to access the kindness pool is revealed.

Right now acknowledge all the things you’ve done right. You know in your heart of hearts you’ve done way more things right than the things you keep beating yourself up on that you haven’t done.

Re-shift your focus, give yourself a break, believe it or not kindness to yourself and given to others adds energy to who ever is receiving it. It won’t drain us like dwelling on what we haven’t done does.

Today remember the kind acts that have, for years, flowed from you naturally. You’ve touched lives in ways you’ll ever truly know.

Kindness gives the receiver and even the giver energy. Kind acts is part of our heart work while living on this planet.

As you remember your acts also don’t forget the kindness that has come unexpectedly throughout your life, often by someone you didn’t even know.

Kindness from the heart changes lives.
Be that conduit of kindness today.

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You Are A Healer

When you are a peaceful presence for another you are a healer in that moment. 

Being with someone without judgement, with love in our heart, not needing to fix, possibly being-with in uncomfortable silence, or maybe even holding a hand, know you are a healer.

For any of us when given a few moments to escape from our incessant thoughts and rest our mind our needs are made clear, a healer knows that. They listen. They hold space. Allowing what is said and not said to move freely in their compassionate presence. The healer knows being a peaceful presence to the one hurting soothes the soul, the place where wisdom resides. 

In order to be that for others we recognize we must work on healing our own unhealthy coping skills and listen to our pain. Many times we become the Momma or Papa bear we never had. 

We become a peaceful presence to our anxiety, anger, frustration, self-berating, or however pain projects itself. Instead of beating ourselves up or sinking into dispair for mistakes, or reactions, or inactions in a situation, we listen without judgment holding space. We offer kind words in a loving way, as if the pain in us was a little wee child hurting. 

We teach our emotional self from our power place, the heart.  The more we do this for ourselves the more sensitive we become to others. Instantly we know when our peaceful presence is needed.  

Peaceful presence heals well-being. 

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….to self and others.


Wake up. It’s time.

Become the detective of your own life. In you is the happiness you seek.

No one has the power to do the work, but you. Everything outside of you can be a tool for the journey, but only you know what’s true for you.

Wake up. It’s time.

The victim doubts its true, the victor knows better.

The key to the golden locked door within your heart, you have in your possession. No one can take it from you. No one has access to it. It’s yours and yours alone.

Wake up. It’s time. Use it.

Spiritual work is inner work. Ramp up the courage, do whatever it takes to make this painful but transformative journey to the heart, pull out the key, hold it tight, unlock the door. It’s time.

Along the way mirages of insurmountable roadblocks will try to stop you. Mirages. Only mirages.

We are not the labels we’ve put on ourselves or have been put on by others. We are not our conditions. We are not our professions. We are not the negative thoughts we swim in. Those are only things we think we are.
Take the journey. Pull out your key. Open the door. Be amazed to find out WHO you truly are. What a kickass, off the charts, strong, loving, compassionate, being you are.

A being that brings the WHO into everything she does. WHO has healthy boundaries because Love guides her heart. WHO uses her Love as a vehicle to only embrace healthy relationships, to make changes for her highest good, WHO transforms herself not by her will or intelligence, or emotions, but via the energy of her Heart, thee most powerful part of WHO she is.

Open the door. Wake up. It’s time.

-Sandy Powers


We Need You

Embrace and live to the fullest the potential of who you are deep inside. When Life blew It’s magic dust into our lungs it gave us a presence, a sacred, a passion, and a purpose. It sprinkled seeds of unlimited potential within our being in hope of at least one of those seeds taking root, growing and bearing bear fruit.

We grow up. We forget. We get hypnotized into what we think we are, formed by the comments, looks, and actions of those outside of us. We work hard to heal old wounds, to remove the layers of debris that cover up our creative, incredible, powerful, compassionate, loving self. The thing is if we don’t develop our potential we will always have an inner ache. 

Embrace your inner greatness, the part of you that is bigger than you imagine. Journey deep into the recesses of your being. Find the authentic YOU and go for it.

We are meant to thrive. We are meant to turn ideas into reality. We were given the creative juices at birth to make it happen. Access your power. It was a gift from the Creator. Don’t get stuck in a box sealing yourself in. Let your ideas shift and change becoming more than you first imagined. You hold the keys to a fulfilled life. Find a cheerleader in your life. Ask for what you need. It’s not a solo gig. Reach for the stars. 

We need our best self. The work you do is important. Keep it up. Your light of love shines.

Love to you,


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Uncertain Times

I opened the book When the Heart Waits this morning and looked at something I’d underlined years ago…

“A crisis is a holy summons to cross a threshold. It involves both a leaving behind and a stepping toward, a separation and an opportunity.” 

What if during this time of crisis we are being called to bring forth the peace that is within us? To stop for a moment and remember the only true calm is within. Isn’t that what’s needed? 

Don’t we need that calm, our kiddos, our family, our friends, those around the globe? 

The author continues, “This is a call to separation. In order to follow the inner journey, we need to leave behind those things that are deadening, the loyalties that no longer have life for us.” 

What if we left behind beliefs that cause harm, habits that hurt us and others, words that separate and cause pain? What if those are things that deaden us? 

She then talks about a few ways to work through a crisis one she calls:”the way of waiting. That way means creating a painfully honest and contemplative relationship with one’s own depths, with God in the deep center of one’s soul. People who choose this way aren’t so much after peace of mind or justice as wholeness and transformation. They’re after soulmaking.” 

Imagine using this time to get in touch with the Sacred within in order to project a calming energy. With calm energy we make better decisions. We see more clearly.  We are better for our families. We can laugh more easily, bring light into any dark place.

She goes on, “If you choose this way, you find the threshold, the creative moment or epiphany, within the crisis. You discover that the stormy experience can be an agent drawing you deeper into the kingdom, separating you from the old consciousness and the clamp of the ego. It’s not an easy way.” 

She also quotes theologian Martin Marty, “Brokenness and wounding do not occur in order to break human dignity but to open the heart so God can act.” 

Today my friend may you experience at least a moment free of worry, confusion, and uncertainty, and rest in the arms of the Sacred. The place where Love waits to comfort you deep within your heart. 🙏

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Pandemic Times

When the house is full my bedroom becomes my crazy office during pandemic times. Coaching calls are deep, fun, and just what the doctor ordered. 

When I’m in a session I’m no where else. I’m in the moment heart to heart with the person that’s allowed me to companion with them on their sacred journey inward. 

Inside each of us, beyond the chaos of the outer world, is the calm we seek and need to make good decisions in our life. The inner journey takes greater heightened self-observance. With greater self-awareness we can ID more quickly when caught up in an unhealthy habit that doesn’t serve us. And with that pause and awareness we are able to create and use tools and habits that serve us as we get our greatest needs met and fulfill our desire for more peace and joy.

Life is beyond hard at times., but thank goodness we are more than the feeling of the moment. The truth is…feelings come and go with the wind. The inner journey helps us to remember that. 

With heightened self-observance we start to realize the truth in that statement. Once we really get-it the storms that battle within the mind lose their potency. We are able to come back to center more quickly, back to the place of calm and peace. 

I love my work even if my office is tucked away in a room at home.💛

Working at home💛

Thoughts to Ponder

Why is it so hard to quit things that aren’t good for you? How come bad habits have so much control?

Why don’t I follow through more often when my still small voice warns me that what I’m about to do is nuts? Why, even when I hear what’s good for me do I say at times screw it and do it anyway, then regret it, feel shame, and start the cycle again?

When will I listen? Why does good change take so long? Why do I get restless, bored, so easily and quit?

Why am I more comfortable doing nothing? Why can’t I follow through on what I know is good for me?Why do I continue allowing dysfunction to win?Why is it easier to stay in my comfort zone then grow?

Why when I really really want to change do I fall back into my same routine only thinking about but not taking action?

Why am I so weak? What’s wrong with me? Why do I always fail? 

After a lot of ongoing work I’ve boxed up these questions and put them on the top shelf in my closet. I’ll never completely make them disappear.


Luckily I’m better at not letting the questions stop me from healing my wounds and moving forward. 

Luckily I’ve proven to myself I am resilient. I am courageous. I am strong. I am loving and lovable. Heck I survived hell didn’t i? 

Luckily I can and do move beyond pain, using my loss as a catalyst for healthy change.

Luckily I know feelings come and go like the wind. They don’t last forever.

Luckily I know I haven’t even tapped my full potential. I can feel it inside and I’m working my behind off to develop it, to give it a chance.

Luckily every time I take healthy action for my well being I know it changes my life for the good. It works. Yes it takes it old sweet time it feels like at times, but if I can hang on and quit being impatient it works.

Luckily now a days the questions pretty much stay on the shelf and don’t mess with me as often. Sure at times they fall off the shelf, but only on days I’ve eaten too much, or didn’t get enough sleep, or said yes too many times when no was the healthier response.

Luckily I’m kinder to myself. I get I’m human and as a human there’s no getting out of screwing up once in a while, and that those in my life will screw up once in a while, there’s no getting around that striving to be perfect opens the door for suffering. I finally get it and accept it. I give myself a break and others too more often.

I know my mind is relieved knowing the heart is finally in charge. Sure it doesn’t like the unknown. It hasn’t figured out the “why” stepping into the unknown when the heart says jump works. But the more I do it the more the mind relaxes and helps me just jump.

I love it how the heart and head tag team support and stop me from allowing doubt and fear to stop me in my tracks.

I am getting better each day. I know the questions will never completely disappear, but they don’t bug me as much!

Life is good. Even the mini hells I move through faster.

I am grateful.


This is my precious granddaughter.
She has Pfeiffer Syndrome.
I love her to pieces.

Morning prayer💛

I’m reading an article by Tara Brach. She writes, “I have a morning prayer that’s really simple: ‘Teach me about kindness.’”

“Teach me about kindness.”

My thoughts…
What if we started our day that way?And what if everywhere we went whatever we encountered we found opportunities to be kind?

Never doubt the impact kindness makes on others, on our animals, in nature. 

Kind eyes. A gentle touch. A warm smile. These are small things we can do to make this world a better place.

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Years ago I published a book titled, I Believe In You: Discovering the Inside Passage to Happiness.  It was my hope that what I wrote would inspire you.

And maybe, just maybe you’d realize how incredibly powerful you are, that in you is everything you need to transform a negative into a positive. 

Sometimes that thought has been so beaten down by life we forget who we really are. We let our past define us. We walk around numb to the power we have within. 

Never forget you were born on purpose for a purpose. 

There isn’t anyone who can’t change their life. It’s not magic. It just takes work. It takes not giving up when rejection hits you. It’s not giving up when those around you don’t believe in you. It’s not giving up when you don’t believe in yourself. 

There is a power within us much greater than our own personality. A power that has been with us since the Sacred first gave us life. 

The inner work we do WILL rub off on others. Our transformed energy, because it’s powered by Love, has the potential to help others wake up to their authentic self. 

Anyone who goes deep sea diving into their own heart discovering their gifts, developing them, and using them changes the world for the better. 

Stop long enough to become self-observant. Identify negative ways you think about your self. Identify habits that don’t serve you. Identify experiences that haunt you and heal them.

When we become detectives in our life, taking it seriously, rolling up our sleeves and doing the work, we discover untapped powerful potential. And when we do the transformation process begins. 

Little by little self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence rise. With that comes barrels of courage we didn’t know we had. We dare to risk stepping out of our comfort zone. 

And surprisingly enough rejection doesn’t sting as much it once did. And the work resilience has done at the gym shows, muscles are bulging. 

Even if we want to quit at times because doubt and fear take hold we persevere. We can’t stop. Something in us propels us forward. 

However long it takes to live the peace and joy we deserve we don’t give up because we are worth it. 

And when our lives shift our transformation stories begin to inspire others. And on it goes.

To conclude this ramble my book was dedicated to my great, great, great, grandchild. And at the end of my book I wrote….

“It occurred to me we are all great, great, great grandchildren.

What if my great great great grandmother was whispering to me as I sat at my computer writing down these words? What if her story is my own? What if…

May we continue to listen to our own stories with the eyes and ears of our hearts. Maybe then will know and understand what we’ve been looking for.”



What a magnificent time we live in. As much hate, corruption, hurtful & judgmental behavior social media vomits there is HOPE.

I witness daily human beings making a difference dedicated to living life from their heart. Their journey is not easy. Despite the flood of negativity they are not fooled.

They easily spot the crazed beast with its many disguises that tries wrapping its ugly tentacles around them sucking them down deep into a vortex of confusion, hopelessness, and hate.

These spiritual warriors see beyond the fear and are changing the world by training their minds to be led via their heart. They know, because of the inner work they’ve done, they were born to help end suffering. As their awareness has heightened, their ability to risk stepping into uncharted territories has grown.

Compassion, empathy, acceptance of others, love, new ideas to heal the planet, are taking root all over the world and in places you’d least expect it. Heart-led actions for healing are occurring every day.

If you’ve been discouraged don’t be. We have the capacity to step out of dark thoughts and into the light, every one of us.

Today be a cycle breaker, start the inner work it takes. Be a spiritual warrior and walk your values proudly. Be a model of well being to others. Be a change maker for the good.

How? Offer a kind word, a gentle smile, recognize how hard the clerk in the store, the waitress or wait person, the maid, your co-worker, colleague, works and tell them how much you appreciate them. Start small and watch your kindness grow becoming a habit. You are changing your community for the better.

But always beware of the crazed beast of negativity. If you recognize its presence tear off its tentacles. Its greatest talent is to try and squeeze out hope and twist our mind into a million anxious depressing thoughts.

Let’s join with those who see beyond fear and become determined to be a flashlight for our Creator.

Good is happening. The more good you see the more good you will see. 



Our first breath was a gift from God. Imagine the power of that Divine Love able to awaken us into this world. That Love is in us and always has been. For years we walked around not realizing it’s even there or the purpose and power of its presence.

We have within us a Love that far surpasses our emotional love. Many times we don’t know it’s there because we’re caught up in the pains of the past or situations where we feel powerless. But it’s there, we’re still breathing, it will always be a part of us.

The spiritual journey is about remembering and discovering this powerful gift given at birth by the One who makes this earth shake.

To develop the awareness of this Love is a worthy cause. Via that awareness we become a beacon of light for God. The more inner work we do to clean up our emotional house and gather self-care resources the brighter the Light shines forth.

What a blessing it is to serve self and others in this capacity. So simple yet so hard. It takes work, we’re human, but it’s always there ready for our embrace. Know matter how it feels in the moment no one can take this gift from us. This Love is beyond feelings.

Today allow yourself to be the sunrise in someone’s darkened world. Love. Shine forth.

Sandy Powers, Life Coach