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This is my precious granddaughter.
She has Pfeiffer Syndrome.
I love her to pieces.

Morning prayer💛

I’m reading an article by Tara Brach. She writes, “I have a morning prayer that’s really simple: ‘Teach me about kindness.’”

“Teach me about kindness.”

My thoughts…
What if we started our day that way?And what if everywhere we went whatever we encountered we found opportunities to be kind?

Never doubt the impact kindness makes on others, on our animals, in nature. 

Kind eyes. A gentle touch. A warm smile. These are small things we can do to make this world a better place.

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Years ago I published a book titled, I Believe In You: Discovering the Inside Passage to Happiness.  It was my hope that what I wrote would inspire you.

And maybe, just maybe you’d realize how incredibly powerful you are, that in you is everything you need to transform a negative into a positive. 

Sometimes that thought has been so beaten down by life we forget who we really are. We let our past define us. We walk around numb to the power we have within. 

Never forget you were born on purpose for a purpose. 

There isn’t anyone who can’t change their life. It’s not magic. It just takes work. It takes not giving up when rejection hits you. It’s not giving up when those around you don’t believe in you. It’s not giving up when you don’t believe in yourself. 

There is a power within us much greater than our own personality. A power that has been with us since the Sacred first gave us life. 

The inner work we do WILL rub off on others. Our transformed energy, because it’s powered by Love, has the potential to help others wake up to their authentic self. 

Anyone who goes deep sea diving into their own heart discovering their gifts, developing them, and using them changes the world for the better. 

Stop long enough to become self-observant. Identify negative ways you think about your self. Identify habits that don’t serve you. Identify experiences that haunt you and heal them.

When we become detectives in our life, taking it seriously, rolling up our sleeves and doing the work, we discover untapped powerful potential. And when we do the transformation process begins. 

Little by little self-worth, self-esteem, self-confidence rise. With that comes barrels of courage we didn’t know we had. We dare to risk stepping out of our comfort zone. 

And surprisingly enough rejection doesn’t sting as much it once did. And the work resilience has done at the gym shows, muscles are bulging. 

Even if we want to quit at times because doubt and fear take hold we persevere. We can’t stop. Something in us propels us forward. 

However long it takes to live the peace and joy we deserve we don’t give up because we are worth it. 

And when our lives shift our transformation stories begin to inspire others. And on it goes.

To conclude this ramble my book was dedicated to my great, great, great, grandchild. And at the end of my book I wrote….

“It occurred to me we are all great, great, great grandchildren.

What if my great great great grandmother was whispering to me as I sat at my computer writing down these words? What if her story is my own? What if…

May we continue to listen to our own stories with the eyes and ears of our hearts. Maybe then will know and understand what we’ve been looking for.”