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We Need You

Embrace and live to the fullest the potential of who you are deep inside. When Life blew It’s magic dust into our lungs it gave us a presence, a sacred, a passion, and a purpose. It sprinkled seeds of unlimited potential within our being in hope of at least one of those seeds taking root, growing and bearing bear fruit.

We grow up. We forget. We get hypnotized into what we think we are, formed by the comments, looks, and actions of those outside of us. We work hard to heal old wounds, to remove the layers of debris that cover up our creative, incredible, powerful, compassionate, loving self. The thing is if we don’t develop our potential we will always have an inner ache. 

Embrace your inner greatness, the part of you that is bigger than you imagine. Journey deep into the recesses of your being. Find the authentic YOU and go for it.

We are meant to thrive. We are meant to turn ideas into reality. We were given the creative juices at birth to make it happen. Access your power. It was a gift from the Creator. Don’t get stuck in a box sealing yourself in. Let your ideas shift and change becoming more than you first imagined. You hold the keys to a fulfilled life. Find a cheerleader in your life. Ask for what you need. It’s not a solo gig. Reach for the stars. 

We need our best self. The work you do is important. Keep it up. Your light of love shines.

Love to you,


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Uncertain Times

I opened the book When the Heart Waits this morning and looked at something I’d underlined years ago…

“A crisis is a holy summons to cross a threshold. It involves both a leaving behind and a stepping toward, a separation and an opportunity.” 

What if during this time of crisis we are being called to bring forth the peace that is within us? To stop for a moment and remember the only true calm is within. Isn’t that what’s needed? 

Don’t we need that calm, our kiddos, our family, our friends, those around the globe? 

The author continues, “This is a call to separation. In order to follow the inner journey, we need to leave behind those things that are deadening, the loyalties that no longer have life for us.” 

What if we left behind beliefs that cause harm, habits that hurt us and others, words that separate and cause pain? What if those are things that deaden us? 

She then talks about a few ways to work through a crisis one she calls:”the way of waiting. That way means creating a painfully honest and contemplative relationship with one’s own depths, with God in the deep center of one’s soul. People who choose this way aren’t so much after peace of mind or justice as wholeness and transformation. They’re after soulmaking.” 

Imagine using this time to get in touch with the Sacred within in order to project a calming energy. With calm energy we make better decisions. We see more clearly.  We are better for our families. We can laugh more easily, bring light into any dark place.

She goes on, “If you choose this way, you find the threshold, the creative moment or epiphany, within the crisis. You discover that the stormy experience can be an agent drawing you deeper into the kingdom, separating you from the old consciousness and the clamp of the ego. It’s not an easy way.” 

She also quotes theologian Martin Marty, “Brokenness and wounding do not occur in order to break human dignity but to open the heart so God can act.” 

Today my friend may you experience at least a moment free of worry, confusion, and uncertainty, and rest in the arms of the Sacred. The place where Love waits to comfort you deep within your heart. 🙏

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Pandemic Times

When the house is full my bedroom becomes my crazy office during pandemic times. Coaching calls are deep, fun, and just what the doctor ordered. 

When I’m in a session I’m no where else. I’m in the moment heart to heart with the person that’s allowed me to companion with them on their sacred journey inward. 

Inside each of us, beyond the chaos of the outer world, is the calm we seek and need to make good decisions in our life. The inner journey takes greater heightened self-observance. With greater self-awareness we can ID more quickly when caught up in an unhealthy habit that doesn’t serve us. And with that pause and awareness we are able to create and use tools and habits that serve us as we get our greatest needs met and fulfill our desire for more peace and joy.

Life is beyond hard at times., but thank goodness we are more than the feeling of the moment. The truth is…feelings come and go with the wind. The inner journey helps us to remember that. 

With heightened self-observance we start to realize the truth in that statement. Once we really get-it the storms that battle within the mind lose their potency. We are able to come back to center more quickly, back to the place of calm and peace. 

I love my work even if my office is tucked away in a room at home.💛

Working at home💛