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Calling on Kindness

Calling on Kindness

CALLING ALL KINDNESS! There is an unlimited fountain of kindness within our hearts. To increase the flow of this life changing, life saving, spiritual tool, use it on yourself first. The benefit is more energy. With more energy we feel more balanced and more balanced more opportunities to access the kindness pool is revealed.

Right now acknowledge all the things you’ve done right. You know in your heart of hearts you’ve done way more things right than the things you keep beating yourself up on that you haven’t done.

Re-shift your focus, give yourself a break, believe it or not kindness to yourself and given to others adds energy to who ever is receiving it. It won’t drain us like dwelling on what we haven’t done does.

Today remember the kind acts that have, for years, flowed from you naturally. You’ve touched lives in ways you’ll ever truly know.

Kindness gives the receiver and even the giver energy. Kind acts is part of our heart work while living on this planet.

As you remember your acts also don’t forget the kindness that has come unexpectedly throughout your life, often by someone you didn’t even know.

Kindness from the heart changes lives.
Be that conduit of kindness today.

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