Monthly Archives: October 2020

You Are A Healer

When you are a peaceful presence for another you are a healer in that moment. 

Being with someone without judgement, with love in our heart, not needing to fix, possibly being-with in uncomfortable silence, or maybe even holding a hand, know you are a healer.

For any of us when given a few moments to escape from our incessant thoughts and rest our mind our needs are made clear, a healer knows that. They listen. They hold space. Allowing what is said and not said to move freely in their compassionate presence. The healer knows being a peaceful presence to the one hurting soothes the soul, the place where wisdom resides. 

In order to be that for others we recognize we must work on healing our own unhealthy coping skills and listen to our pain. Many times we become the Momma or Papa bear we never had. 

We become a peaceful presence to our anxiety, anger, frustration, self-berating, or however pain projects itself. Instead of beating ourselves up or sinking into dispair for mistakes, or reactions, or inactions in a situation, we listen without judgment holding space. We offer kind words in a loving way, as if the pain in us was a little wee child hurting. 

We teach our emotional self from our power place, the heart.  The more we do this for ourselves the more sensitive we become to others. Instantly we know when our peaceful presence is needed.  

Peaceful presence heals well-being. 

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….to self and others.