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To heal is to be reborn. Birth involves labor. Labor pries us open using its mighty force. All along the way we resist because of the pain. Our energy is depleted. Our mind and our feelings are in constant battle. What we know and how we feel seem they will never reconcile. Drained we doubt the process and ask ourselves, “Is this worth it? What am I doing?”

Peace and joy take work. Self-awareness shows us what to observe and question. If what we look at aligns with the quality of life we desire, okay, if not, the moment of intentional change presents itself.

Intentional change takes strong tools we believe in, tools that give us confidence. With strong tools in hand we jump off the cliff leaving what we’ve known and used for years, into the desire of a different life.

What are the tools we use to make it possible for intentional change? Whatever we’ve gathered to create the belief peace and joy are possible. It might include books we’ve read, stories we’ve heard from others who have gone through the process and now live a more peaceful and joyful life. It will include things we’ve identified that help us in the midst of stress, for instance, meditation, reflection, nature, silence, laughter, counselors, safe friends, support group, spiritual community, life coaches, doctors, and other healers of various kinds. Anything that has deepened our understanding and belief that peace and joy are possible becomes a tool for the healing process.

Energy management is essential. Self-awareness shows us where we use our energy. How we use it once we’re aware becomes a choice. Being drained doesn’t disappear during healing labor. We will be drained, but what drains is what we can change. Energy can be used like we’ve always used it, or used for our rebirth. Both are exhausting, but the later leads to a new outcome.

When we set an intention to heal it is because we know in the core of our being another way of living is possible. The commitment to the process is up to us. Some tire of the process and only make it so far, that’s okay. One day they will start again.

To reach our desired goal we will be drained. We won’t feel like we are making progress. We will feel depleted. But remember, feelings are temporary, they come and go like clouds on a windy day.

This is the process of retraining our mind. To do this we must do it again and again and again. It will take our focus, our energy, and our time. But there will be a day when the retraining stops because we have healed. The energy used by that painful part of our self will be set free.

When we heal our wounds peace and joy abound!

  • Sandy Powers, Life Coach