There are many things we will never understand. The ‘whys’ can be debated all day long.

     It is easy to say screw it, to feel hopeless, to rage, to bash, to criticize, to judge, and to hate. I am guilty of these very things. But now more than ever I know I can’t let the darkness of others take away my ability to love.

When my thoughts, words, and/or actions, get dark I’m quicker to make a shift than I was a decade ago.

     One way that works for me is to do something, or say something nice, for someone else.

     I know the power of a gentle touch, kind eyes, and a loving smile. They have worked on me many times.

     When I shine the light of love from my heart without judgment, just love, it makes me feel more alive, hopeful, and calm.

     When I’m calm I’m kinder. When I’m peaceful my toleration level towards others increases.

     When I live love with my thoughts, words, and/or actions, (and not just talk about it) I add light into our dark world.

     It’s true, many times there is no fixing, no curing, no way to change a situation, but there is always love.

     Today I will shine my light brightly. I will love and forgive myself. I will be a compassionate presence for those who cross my path.
      This is something I can do.

                                              – Sandy Powers, Life Coach

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