Kohl CHristenson surfing cloudbreak july 2011

As we wake up to our best self we “learn to ride the waves of our feelings rather than becoming submerged in them.”


We need to be aware of our emotion-of-the-moment. If it’s an emotion that can make smoke come out of our ears by riding the wave we don’t have to be submerged in it.

Hair trigger reactions, not thinking just reacting, usually are old unhealthy ways of responding to hurt feelings.

Developing our inner self is key. The gift of self-awareness is when the emotion-of-the-moment strikes we know it which gives us just enough time to pause. We are able to take a breath, tap into our heart instantly, creating an opportunity to respond in a way that serves the situation verses makes it worse. We learn to ride the wave and not fall.

It sounds easy, but it isn’t. It takes ongoing spiritual development, and deep intentional heart-healing. With those two tools under our belt we become mega energy managers.

The blessing of our work is relationships are taken to the next level.

With a desire to learn how to surf you’ll soon see the ton of tools and resources out there to master this craft.

I love life.

Sandy Powers, Life Coach

Quoted part – John Welwood