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Wake up. It’s time.

Become the detective of your own life. In you is the happiness you seek.

No one has the power to do the work, but you. Everything outside of you can be a tool for the journey, but only you know what’s true for you.

Wake up. It’s time.

The victim doubts its true, the victor knows better.

The key to the golden locked door within your heart, you have in your possession. No one can take it from you. No one has access to it. It’s yours and yours alone.

Wake up. It’s time. Use it.

Spiritual work is inner work. Ramp up the courage, do whatever it takes to make this painful but transformative journey to the heart, pull out the key, hold it tight, unlock the door. It’s time.

Along the way mirages of insurmountable roadblocks will try to stop you. Mirages. Only mirages.

We are not the labels we’ve put on ourselves or have been put on by others. We are not our conditions. We are not our professions. We are not the negative thoughts we swim in. Those are only things we think we are.
Take the journey. Pull out your key. Open the door. Be amazed to find out WHO you truly are. What a kickass, off the charts, strong, loving, compassionate, being you are.

A being that brings the WHO into everything she does. WHO has healthy boundaries because Love guides her heart. WHO uses her Love as a vehicle to only embrace healthy relationships, to make changes for her highest good, WHO transforms herself not by her will or intelligence, or emotions, but via the energy of her Heart, thee most powerful part of WHO she is.

Open the door. Wake up. It’s time.

-Sandy Powers